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You Ask — We Answer


  • What is medical ozone therapy?
    Medical Ozone is different from ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone in the atmosphere contains charged nitrogen as well as several pollutants. Medical ozone is 99.9% pure oxygen charged with electricity to create O3 and above. This technology creates an impressive therapeutic tool that can be used in different healing modalities. Medical Ozone is similar to what our bodies already understand. The human immune system produces ozone. This process is known as the respiratory burst and is associated when the immune cells create ozone to utilize when encountering a pathogen. When larger amounts are introduced, in the right conditions, to the human body, several beneficial reactions occur, with the potential to: 1) Activate the bodies antioxidant systems 2) Increase production of superoxide dismutase an enzyme known to increase telomere length, and decrease negative effects of aging. 3) Increase oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs 4) Promote detoxification 5) Modulate the immune system 6) Accelerate healing 7) Stimulate the bodies production of glutathione contact us to learn more
  • What are amniogenic based materials?
    Amnion Technology is derived from the amniotic placental membrane and fluid donated by vetted healthy mothers. The stringent process is highly regulated and the end product is rich with catalyst components for cellular regeneration.
  • I do not see my question listed in the FAQ.
    Please let us know what questions you may have so we can make adjustments to our communication. We are always evolving and looking to improve your experience. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to send us a quick email and we will get back to you.
  • Will ReVive accept Insurance?
    We are currently private pay. Please reach out for more information.
  • What is the new patient procedure?
    After reaching out to us, we will have a representative schedule a phone call to ask some questions to determine the best mode of action for your specific scenario. Naturally we want to tailor the experience to fit your specific needs.
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